Johnson County Real Estate Appraisal Appeals

Many Johnson County homeowners saw significant increases in the 2020 appraised value.  An appeal must be filed within 30 days of the NOTICE OF APPRAISED VALUE mailing date from the county.

Many property owners have requested that the county extend the informal appeal deadline due to the stay at home orders and COVID-19.  The county acknowledges the problem and by law must continue with the same date of filing an appeal.  The appeal process does not limit or make final the appraised value and you have one more opportunity to request a revaluation.

You must still file the first half of the 2020 tax payment – so do not wait to pay your taxes if you feel it is overvalued.  That will lead to fines or penalties that will cost you more than any tax savings.

If you have a mortgage and paying taxes through escrow, coordinate the filing of the Payment Under Protest with them or submit directly PRIOR to the due date of May 11, 2020.

See the attached letter, information and websites from the County Appraiser on the process for filing an appeal through the Payment Under Protest.

 Unfortunately, the Appraisers Office does not have the authority to extend this date. There is another appeal option available for taxpayers:

Payment Under Protest form: